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About me...


I've got forty-plus years of television and film production under my belt, writing, producing and directing for PBS and commercial television all across America and around the world.


Screenplay for American Playhouse - Alias Jimmy Valentine


Screenplays for Walt Disney -  Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel


Directing and writing for Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood - ten wonderful years working with one of America's most beloved "neighbors."


And while I was at it, I hosted and narrated a  bumper crop of  children’s television storytelling series; Gather ‘Round, Gather ‘Round Again, and Teletales. All on Vimeo, if you're ready to be a kid again.


Narrated musical performances, too, with the Pittsburgh Symphony and the Baltimore Symphony, ranging from Tubby the Tuba to Aaron Copeland's Lincoln Portrait.


So, how do I earn my daily bread - other than writing novels that is? I'm the executive producer for America's longest-running cooking show Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito.  Not only daily bread but pasta too!


In short, I am a....

busy novelist,




model railroader,



and damn good cook -  thanks to Mary Ann Esposito.



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