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August, 1944...


Washington D.C. is “ground zero” for the Nazis’ A9/A10 “America Rocket” packed with a deadly payload guaranteed to kill tens of thousands of innocent people.

Aviation-crazy, Jimmy “Flyboy” Doyle ends up at the their top secret base on “Devil’s Island” in French Guiana, far from his ho-hum, small town world where “nothing ever happens, damn it,” to face head-on the impossible task of turning tragedy into triumph.

Nothing “ho-hum” here.

Everything’s happening all at once.

Including growing up.

FLYBOY Front cover only.jpg

WW2-era, Montana Class battleship, USS New Hampshire, BB-70 is a paint-chipped, rusted-out, down at her heels, 68,000-ton “Museum Ship” that lost her lease in Portsmouth, NH, and is heading for the breakers...


...until high-tech billionaire Jack Riley makes her seaworthy again, so that his ailing father can sail one last time on the very first ship he served on in Vietnam, as a “butter bar” navy ensign.

The tired and careworn ship still sports massive sixteen-inch guns, aging volunteers who love working on her, plus 250 lucky navy vets--sweepstakes-winners who join them for a two-week, all-expenses-paid, “Bye-bye-battleship” cruise, courtesy of billionaire, Jack Riley.

Halfway through the Battleship Boys’ warm and sunny cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, destination Cancún, nostalgia for the good old days runs smack into a modern-day crisis, when a Mexican drug cartel foils a DEA raid, takes hostages, and threatens to start killing them until the US meets its demands.

An elite Delta Force team lands on the battleship’s deck in the middle of the night, led by “Crazy Willie,” a badass USMC major. “CW’s” got a hairbrained scheme to snatch the hostages to safety and both Pentagon and White House approval to go for it—but he needs the old timers to join his team to make it work.

He asks for volunteers.

Everyone raises his hand.


December 8, 1941...The Nazis have the A-bomb... we don't... Hitler destroys Washington, D.C, New York City, and threatens to destroy Chicago, Detroit, Miami and more.

Stripped of its Congress, Judicial and Executive branches, the United States is a fractured, frantic shell of its former self as it watches from the sidelines while Europe and Asia go up in flames. 


Until ex-Pan Am pilot Sam Carter and Hollywood actress Ava James join forces with a secret group of citizen-soldiers to fly a desperate one-way mission to bring America back into the fight for liberty and justice for all.



A stirring tale of courage, resolve and heroism. Easily one of the very best alternative world SF books I've read.

Bob Walsh


Love the mix of political, economics and survival for a divergent nation against a hobbled world. The return to the elegance that once was transatlantic flight. The Grand Hotel of the sky.

J. Jerens



August 12, 1943…Moscow falls to Hitler… the Rising Sun flies over Pearl Harbor… One last chance to change the world for the better before it gets even worse.

In an epic journey from San Francisco to the South China Seas, Sam and Ava’s rescue team face impossible odds in a desperate attempt to beat Fate at her own game and keep America in the fight for liberty and justice for all.


Do you like “what if” novels that make you ask, “what next?” then take off today with Sam and Ava.

Lally’s hero, Sam, has all the derring-do of an Indiana Jones but is a much more complex character and that makes him more interesting... if you love to imagine and also learn a little along the way, then this most definitely is the book for you.

Linda Howe


I LIKE Mr. Lally's style and almost Tom Clancy-ish attention to detail. It's informative and moves the story along, but it isn't pedantic.

Robert Martin

Tokyo’s iron fist holds Hawaii hostage.

Guerrilla troops fight to free their occupied homeland before it’s lost forever.


Sam and Ava team up with the guerrilla forces and a ragtag PT-Boat crew for a last-ditch mission to stop Tokyo in its tracks and turn the tide of war.

The clock’s ticking... all bets are off.... time’s running out.....

If you like “what if” novels that make you ask, “what’s next?” take off today with Sam and Ava in this latest installment of this reader-acclaimed alternate WW2 history series, AMERIKA.


1862… The South wins the Civil War and America splits in two...


1942… Hitler wins World War II...


2020….The Nazis are worse than ever.


Now they’re out to conquer what’s left of the world.

With the blessings of both Union and Confederate presidents, and the (temporary) might and muscle of naval and military forces, both north and south, Jeb Stuart Lee and his assault team set out on a one-way mission to show the world what waits for them if the Nazis get their way.

Can the north and south rise again, together this time, to save America – and the world – before it’s too late?


It’s D-Day in reverse, as war explodes on the beaches of Norfolk, Virginia in a divided America. Richmond falls… Nashville’s next… And while the North and South desperately seek allies to stop the enemy’s drive west, Brigadier General Jeb Stuart Lee takes to the hills to inspire a ragtag, hillbilly army to fight for his – and their - beloved country.

The only thing standing between enemy victory and defeat is Jeb’s determination to face his destiny...  do his duty… lead his troops…and win.

"I just finished this book about an hour ago. Another fantastic novel following on the heels of Rise Again. I can't wait until you finish the third book of this trilogy!"

Conor D. Bohannon

RATV1 front cover only 30% brighter.jpg

It’s 1943, the Nazis won.... it’s modern day....  swastika flags wave over half the world... but Reichsführer Karl Zengel wants it all—including two second-rate nations; the Union and Confederate States of America....

Unless Jeb and the coalition of allied nations can take back Richmond and bring the Nazis to their knees, the SS juggernaut will roll ever onward, leaving behind swastika flags waving over both nations’ capitals and eventually the world.

The clock is ticking... the world is waiting.... can the North and South rise again.... this time to victory?

At the outbreak of World War One, Europe-bound German ocean liner Kronprinzessen Cecilie makes a mid-Atlantic 180-degree turnaround to escape French and British warships in hot pursuit. She takes refuge in Bar Harbor, Maine; an exclusive, Gilded Age resort in—then-neutral—America.


Filled with millions of gold bullion and the cream of American society, she’s all dressed up with no place to go, and nothing to do but be the hit of the summer's high society crowd and the target for one desperate attempt at "going for the gold."


Theme park ride designer Mike Sullivan has worked on some of the world’s most iconic theme park attractions, from Universal, to Disney, to Five Flags. But he’s always dreamed of designing a ride based on the sinking of the RMS Titanic, and launching it in Las Vegas.

With the help of a ragtag group of retired theme park designers, Mike and his team begin building the Titanic as a combination amusement park attraction, complete with an “Iceberg” hotel-casino.


But just as it sails on its maiden voyage, forces intent on sabotage, threaten to sink the Titanic for real!

This book had me enthralled from the start; it's a different kind of story. I highly recommend this book: it's a great read!

Eva Galant



Robert Martin

It’s the Roaring ‘20s. America wants silk at any price…. Japan has it…But when Chicago mobsters hijack a multi-million-dollar “Silk Train” on its way to New York, Japanese silk merchant Aiko Satō loses her family company’s fortune. With the help of family and friends, including mobster-king Al Capone, she gets the chance of a lifetime to turn tragedy into triumph. 

Will she take it? 

SILK is a coming-of-age story of a shy young Japanese woman growing up to become a take-no-prisoners champion for her family’s silk company. Caught up in action-adventure, surrounded by historic characters alive and kicking in the booze-and-broads, Charleston age, Aiko lives in a time when silk was silk, blood was blood, and love showed up in the damnedest places. 





A thrilling, jam-packed book filled with action, heartbreak, romance, and joy .... a true rollercoaster of emotions. I couldn't put it down. You made the characters come to life. 

Marlene Hall


Great detail, dialogue, story twists, villains, heroes, etc. really nails the Japanese cultural details (it would seem). The heroine struggles against a highly paternalistic and sexist culture and prevails. She's also better, faster, and smarter than the male Indiana Jones character which is refreshing. Write a sequel soon please!!

D. Clair


Prose as rich and smooth as Aiko's silk, and you can't go wrong with a touch of the Mob in the Roaring '20s. Five stars from this reader!

Linda Howe


Lally's delightful book holds you a fascinated witness to history, not to mention hold-on-to-your-hat action...

Michael Duvall


Tough, assertive female protagonist who does whatever is needed to ensure her family's success.

John Lempke


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